20 Years!

Milton Keynes Taekwondo Academy was founded in 1997 by Master Cesar (5th Dan-WTF and 1st Dan-ATA) and is an established and well-known club within Milton Keynes and the UK. Our aim is to provide a Taekwondo Club for people of all ages with different levels of ability to train together, have fun and enjoy the martial art of Olympic Style WTF Taekwondo to their own level of achievement. So whether you wish to train to competition level or just for general fitness Milton Keynes Taekwondo Academy is for you. We are an extremely successful club, with students and head coach Master Cesar competing at very high levels, in multiple Taekwondo championships, nationally, internationally, European and World Championships. The success continues as we see our students grow. Master Cesar not only motivates and prepare students for competitions but also teaches life values and skills. Much beyond attaining physical fitness and practising our skills, our philosophy in the teaching of Taekwondo is that our fundamental goals are to shape successful human beings – true champions – who will help create a better world.

In November 2016 we founded our second club Star Martial Arts.
Star Martial Arts is a different style of Taekwondo that has special programs for all ages, we teach values of perseverance, confident, courtesy, respect, discipline, honesty and honour. Our students learn to confront and overcome their innermost fears and doubts. This way they strengthen their character and increase their self-confidence, becoming better prepared to meet their challenges with success.

Our classes are not only martial arts they are life skills!